What is a Web Server?

A web server is a computer system that stores and delivers web pages to a user’s device when they request it through a web browser. Web servers are an integral part of the modern internet. They are responsible for hosting websites, delivering webpages, and providing access to other web-based applications.

Types of Web Servers

  • Apache HTTP Server
  • Microsoft IIS

Applications of Web Servers

Hosting Websites

  • Providing web page hosting services
  • Managing domain name server (DNS) requests
  • Allowing for secure file transfer protocol (SFTP)

Streaming Content

  • Serving streaming audio and video content
  • Managing media streaming protocols
  • Providing live streaming services


  • Web servers are an essential part of the internet infrastructure, providing content to web browsers and clients.
  • They can be used for hosting websites, streaming audio and video content, and managing security protocols.
  • Different types of web servers are available, each suited for specific applications and needs.
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