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HW Tor Mini

$ 20.99 /mo
1 .onion domain
2СPU Cores
SSL Compatible
Unlimited Traffic
aaPanel Interface
30GB SSD Storage
Unlimited Mysql DB
Unlimited Subdomains
DDoS protection included

HW Tor Pro

$ 40.99 /mo
2 .onion domain
3СPU Cores
SSL Compatible
Unlimited Traffic
aaPanel Interface
40GB SSD Storage
Unlimited Mysql DB
Unlimited Subdomains
DDoS protection included

HW Tor Max

$ 60.99 /mo
3 .onion domain
4CPU Cores
SSL Compatible
Unlimited Traffic
aaPanel Interface
80GB SSD Storage
Unlimited Mysql DB
Unlimited Subdomains
DDoS protection included
1 Custom .onion domain included
All plans are eligible for a custom .onion domain of up to 5 letters.

Hosting Features

All plans include.

Resource Protection

The website's performance remains secure and unaffected, regardless of the presence of other sites on the shared server.

Domain Manager

Our domain manager offers a convenient solution to simplify the management of your domains in a single location.

SSL Certificates

Ensure the protection of personal information and other sensitive data through the implementation of encrypted connections.

Daily Server Backup

With our backup solution, you can rest assured that your critical data is being securely and regularly backed up to an off-site location.


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A Tor hosting provider is a service that allows individuals or organizations to host their website securely and privately on the Tor network. With a Tor hosting provider, users can create hidden services, which are websites that are only accessible through the Tor network. This ensures a high level of privacy and anonymity for both the website owner and the visitors.


A Tor hosting provider typically offers support for various types of websites, including blogs, forums and freedom of speech journalist websites. They provide a server infrastructure that is specifically designed to run on the Tor network, ensuring that websites hosted on their platform are safe from surveillance and censorship.

Enhanced Anonymity: By hosting your website on the Tor network, you can ensure a higher level of privacy and anonymity for yourself and your users. Tor is specifically designed to protect individuals’ identities and keep their online activities private. Additionally, hosting on Tor allows you to bypass censorship and access websites that may be blocked in certain regions or countries. This way, your users can access your website no matter what!


Shielding from DDoS Attacks: Tor hosting provides an additional layer of protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. The Tor Network’s distributed architecture helps absorb and deflect potential attacks, ensuring your website remains accessible even during periods of high traffic or malicious activity. By leveraging Tor’s robust infrastructure, you can safeguard your website and maintain its availability and performance.


Furthermore, using Tor Browser to access your website ensures that only Tor users can reach it, making it a safer space for users who value their privacy. If you are concerned about internet privacy, censorship, or want to create a safe environment for your users, hosting your website over Tor is an ideal solution.

To avoid inadvertently configuring a PHP script that can potentially leak server information, exercise caution during the development and configuration process of your Tor-hosted website. Double-check your code to ensure it does not unintentionally expose sensitive server data or inadvertently disclose server IP addresses. Additionally, regularly audit and review your website’s codebase to identify and address any potential vulnerabilities that may compromise the security of your Tor-hosted site.

To access your Tor-hosted website, you will need to use the Tor Browser. The Tor Browser is specifically designed to access websites hosted on the Tor network. Simply download and install the Tor Browser, and then enter the .onion URL of your website to access it securely and anonymously.

Yes! When you purchase our Tor hosting package, you have the option to obtain a custom Tor URL for your website. This allows you to personalize your web address on the Tor network and improve the accessibility and recognition of your Tor-hosted site.

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